Skulls And Shackles

To save a crew

Shark's Waifu

What started off as a simple rescue mission soon turned into a struggle to keep Asche alive. Things seemed simple enough for the young crew when they began to carve their way through Grindylows. Sharks O'toole rammed the ship into many unsuspecting Grindylow. All seemed fine until Asche was suddenly attacked and mauled by a giant sea creature which gutted her completely. It was only by luck that she left the fight with her soul still intact. Soon after the near death experience Jeremiah, Asche, Sharks, and Slippery Syl encountered the queen of the Grindylows along with her strongest child "Whale" using their superior ship maneuverability the adventurers defeated both managing to capture the queen of the grindylows and locking her underneath the ship in the bilges. 

  Then the ship crew all searched the island for what remained in the way of supplies and sailed to Rickety Squibbs which is owned by Rickity Hake. And thus the Albatross was renamed and the retrofits to the ship began.


pyrotrevor Saltorius

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